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Wind In The Sails // Oxygen Week 7

Jul 7, 2024    Pastor Dennis Lamar

On Sunday, July 7th, we conclude the “Oxygen” series with the 7th message called “Wind In The Sails” by Pastor Dennis Lamar.

To move in the kingdom of God we have to rely on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit now abides in us and helps to fulfill the will of God in the earth. He helps us to proclaim, to speak, or to declare the word of God to others. He is the wind in our sails that propels us and moves us past any sort of discouragement.

Where have you been discouraged in your life? Where do you feel stuck? What’s keeping you from moving forward? Discouragement is a spiritual battle that we all face, and can’t back down from. But thank God we have a helper in the Holy Spirit! He helps us to be encouraged and also encourage others. Because discouragement is not our portion when we’re in the Spirit!